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  • Supported Employment Program

    Capitol Hill Supportive Employment Services facilitates the process by which individuals with developmental disabilities identify, prepare for, attain, and maintain employment and self-sufficiency.
    Supported Employment Program mission is to assist adults with developmental disabilities in creating and expanding career choices and opportunities to achieve the maximum amount of employment opportunities.
    It is our belief that everyone has the potential to become a contributing member of society.
    Our program plans are to:
    • Teach, enhance and/or develop marketable and transferable employment skills
    • Capitol Hill Supported Employment Program develops competitive employment opportunities in the metropolitan area
    • Individuals receive individualized services and work in a variety of career environments
    • Job Preparation
    • Interviewing Techniques
    • Resume Development
    • Application Writing
    • Assessments
    • Job Development and Placement
    • On the Assistance (Job Coaching)


  • Employment Readiness

    Capitol Hill Employment Readiness program provides community-based training for adults with developmental disabilities under the Medicaid Waiver and Human Care. The community-based exposures offer the most natural social integration and job preparation for employment.


    Our mission is to provide individuals with skills necessary to become competitively employed.


    It is our belief that given proper training and supports, all individuals with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to become competitively employed.
    Our program plans are:
    • Improve and Enhance Individuals Employment Readiness Training Skills
    • Improve and Enhance Individual Interpersonal Skills
    • Improve and Enhance Job Readiness Skills
    • Enhance Skills Training Opportunities
    • Assessments
    • Extensive Training Opportunities
    • Social Skills Training (Field Trips, Social Gatherings, Community Activities)
    • Development of Work Site Skills (Community-Based Sites)
    • Entrepreneurial Business (T-Shirt Production and Printing Department)
    • Stipends (Participation /Activities)
  • Day Habilitation Program

    Capitol Hill Day Habilitation program provides facility and non-facility based training for adults with developmental disabilities.


    Our mission is to minimize maladaptive behaviors to afford individuals the opportunity to integrate into the community.


    We believe in promoting self-sufficiency, social inclusion, and communication to enhance individuals’ abilities to build relationships.


    • Training and skills development that increases participation in community activities that foster independence
    • To provide choices in socialization and leisure activities within the community
    • To improve and enhance interpersonal skills
    • Opportunities to choose and identify their own areas of interest


    • Extensive social and community activities (field trips, social gatherings, community activities)
    • Group and individual therapy or counselling with social worker and/or psychologist
    • Arts and Crafts
  • Residential Program

    Capitol Hill Supportive Services Program, Inc. Residential program strives to provide compassionate habilitation services to individuals with developmental disabilities.


    Our mission is to assist with individual’s ability to care for themselves, make choices, maintain family ties, and maximize their sense of independence while preserving and protecting their dignity and human rights.


    The philosophy underlying our services are consistent with those of the DDS State Planning Council for the District of Colombia, which states that people with developmental disabilities are created equal to all others and as such, are entitled to having their legal, civil and human rights respected and protected. Principles to be implemented in service to this philosophy underscore the inherent value of people with disabilities and their rights to independence, human dignity and respect. We strive to eliminate attitudinal barriers in the community that may impede full integration into community life.


    CHSSP creates productive, independent and meaningful lives for its individuals by smoothing the progress of integration in the community through:
    • Proactive Planning
    • Positive Behavior Support
    • Utilizing circles of support and individual program plans tailored to the individual’s freedom of choice
    In order to accomplish the mission, it is imperative that individuals enjoy a residential and day program environment that is conducive to reaching their goals. CHSSP has qualified, trained professionals understanding each individual’s strengths and needs.
    We are an approved vendor of Medicaid Waiver Services in the District of Columbia.
  • Individualized Day Support

    CHSSP’ Individualized Day Supports is designed to engage people with activities in and around their communities! These self directed supports are available to provide people with tailored activities and opportunities specific to their identified outcomes related to self improvement, retention of skills and strengths and acquisition of new skills that will prepare them for work, more active involvement in their communities and meaningful retirement activities.


    These supports are designed to enhance persons receiving multiple services from the same organization or from more than one organization. Wrap Around services may be utilized to support people who are employed and looking for other self directed activities during non-work hours. CHSSP’ Individualized day supports are available any day of the week from 8am-8pm.
6135 Kansas Ave. N.E.
Washington DC 20011
Office:(202) 675-0510
Fax:  (202)547-0730

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CHSSP has a 20 year history of providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities.