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Georgia Harris Booker

Ms. Harris-Booker has worked in Human Services for over 25yrs. Her career started as a Gang Prevention Counselor/outreach worker for youth when she worked with 23 youths from rival gangs for 18-years in the Washington DC Area. While working as a counselor- she found that about half of the youth served had diagnoses of disabilities (Physical and mental), which caused aggression toward others. Ms. Harris-Booker can proudly say, that each youth she supported graduated high school and 10 of the youth went on to college

Community Involvement

Ms. Harris-Booker has been employed for over 5years, with CHSSP She began as an employment specialist- seeking out employment for people with disabilities, which she truly enjoyed. She was promoted several times from DSP, to Assistant Program Coordinator, and IDS Program Coordinator and now as Residential Coordinator. Her plans in her latest role include working to undo dependencies and teach independence to the people we support. She understands this may be challenging, but she lives her philosophy of being the change that she wishes to see in the world.

Career Achievements

Ms. Harris-Booker has achieved external certification as a Human Rights Liaison, she is a Certified Investigator-Conducting Serious Incidents; and she has received the CHSSP Received Employee of the Year Award.