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Background and History

Capitol Hill Supportive Services Program, Inc. has a proud history of supporting unserved and underserved populations in employment, job readiness training, residential services, and other basic human needs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Our program started in 1987, with the provision of skills training to four adults with Developmental Disabilities.  In 1993, our program was won a Human Care Agreement from the Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Administration (MRDDA) that provided resources to increase our enrollment.  We relocated to 700 Constitution Avenue, NE, and offered a range of specialized employment training programs in silk screening, offset press, and embroidery.
In 1996 we expanded with another contract award from MRDDA to provide a “Work Activity Program” and we expanded to include janitorial and housekeeping services.  That same year we won an additional Human Care Agreement for “Psycho-Social Services,” and we began providing services to people with intensive behavioral health support needs, assisting them to manage their own paths to success.
In 2007 the MRDDA was joined with the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), was upgraded to a cabinet-level agency, and renamed the Department on Disability Services.  Following these changes, CHSSP received authorization and launched our Home and Community Based Waiver programs (the “Waiver,” as it is commonly called).  Our census increased to above 90 people supported in our day and employment focused services, and we opened a residential program in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood.  We now provide fully community-based programs in Supportive Employment, Employment Readiness, Individualized Day Services, Day Habilitation, and Residential Services. CHSSP is currently authorized to provide Behavioral Supports, In-Home Supports, Occupational Therapy, One-Time Transitional Services, Personal Care Services, Physical Therapy Services, Respite, Residential Habilitation, Skilled Nursing, Speech, Hearing, & Language Therapy, and Wellness Services (Nutrition) via the Waiver as well.  At this time we actively provide Nutrition and Behavioral Supports, and will mobilize other authorized services upon scheduled request. We provide Supported Employment and other Vocational Services via a Human Care Agreement with the Rehabilitation Services Administration.
Our programs are evaluated at least quarterly by the DDS/RSA and the DDS/DDA.  Our most current scores for these reviews are posted on the DDS website.
CHSSP is proud of our track record of successfully supporting unserved and/or underserved populations, particularly those who live with co-occurring developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges.
We support people to achieve the greatest possible independence and self-sufficiency.  We have successfully placed many people in well paid, satisfying jobs.  Our residential services foster independent living skills and ensure that people who select that program experience life in a fully integrated community, with opportunities to achieve financial literacy and experience optimum health.
6135 Kansas Ave. N.E.
Washington DC 20011
Office:(202) 675-0510
Fax:  (202)547-0730

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CHSSP has a 20 year history of providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities.